Start a career with our unique, hands-on program that will enable you to become a Data Scientist on your terms
In-person Bootcamp

Our Data Scientists crafted a program that covers most in-demand skills and tools necessary to become a data science professional, such as R, Python and Machine Learning
Convenient, Part-time Schedule
We build our schedule around you to make the learning process accessible. Evening classes will allow you to maintain your work, study and personal commitments

We are here to help you become the Data Scientist you want to be. Our instructors and mentors will guide you though the course material and will provide 1:1 help when you need it.
Data Science Foundations Course
Nova Data School uses a complete immersive learning experience that reinforces what is presented and heard with instructor-led hands-on labs and projects. As a part of this 9-week Data Science Foundations course, you will develop a variety of a technical skills that will serve as the basis of your data science skills. As you progress through the Data Science Intermediate and Data Science Advanced programs, we will support you further in upskilling your data skills with data science office hours, dedicated career mentors, and networking events to help you connect and find your next career move.

Who will benefit from this course?

Professionals: Are you faced with problem of analyzing data on a regular basis? Do you use old-school techniques such as Excel and wish you could increase your efficiency in analyzing data? Or potentially tackle more complex data analysis problems to grow professionally and get promoted?
Data Analysts: Do you wish you had a structured and rigorous introduction into statistical and probabilistic tools of data science? Tools which will enable you to extend your skills and will form foundation for learning more advanced tools of machine learning and predictive analytics that are currently in high demand
Beginners: Have you been thinking of becoming a data scientist and was not sure what is a good place to start? This course assumes no previous background and will be accessible for those who are new to the field and trying to learn the basics and to understand if this is a good fit for a future career.

When: Starting November, every Saturday, 9am to noon

Where: Fairfax Campus.

Price: $1500.
What is Data Science and How to Become a Data Scientist?
If you would like to learn more about data science see our recent webinar via the link below
WEEKS 1-2: R and SQL
- Using SQL to create tables, insert data, update data, and delete data
-Using SQL to query data for reporting
-Using SQL to load a set of tables to build a data warehouse
-Working with data in relational databases or cloud databases
-Data visualization in R with matplotlib and seaborn
-R libraries for data science (tidyverse, keras)
WEEKS 3-5: Decisions
- AB Testing
- Bayes Rule
- Decision Trees
- Random variables
- Hypothesis testing
WEEKS 6-8: Prediciton

- Machine learning and linear models
- Overfitting and assessing quality of a model
- Logistic regression for classification
- Practical aspects of linear models: feature engineering and regularization
WEEK 9: Tableau
- Using Tableau Public Desktop to visually analyze and explore data
- Using Tableau Public Desktop to build interactive dashboards
- Using Tableau Public Desktop to prepare for the Tableau Desktop Specialist certification
- Using Tableau Public Desktop to build a portfolio of data visualizations