Webinar: What is Data Science and
How to Become a Data Scientist?
Hosted By Vadim Sokolov, PhD
Professor at George Mason University
NOVA Data School Co-founder
Watch the video from the live session with Vadim Sokolov and learn about starting a career in Data Science
The event covered
What is Data Science?
What are typical assumptions about the job and skill requirements and common misconceptions?
Career Landscape
What are different data science job roles and current trends on the job market?
Ask Live Questions
Ask questions, get answers on what skills are sought after in the market to start careers in Data Science
Host: Vadim Sokolov
Thank you for joining me on March 16th and learning about Data Science and career prospects in the field.
Is Career in Data Science right for me?
Join us and start learning how to become a Data Scientist.
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